Architectural Glass Solutions for Fiji | Island Glass & Mirror

Island Glass & Mirror provide architectural glass solutions in  Fiji specifically designed for the interior and exterior of public, commercial and residential buildings and houses throughout Fiji. We are able to offer our clients throughout Fiji specialty glass including bent and curved glass solutions through our strategic partnership with Glasshape

We offer a comprehensive range of fully certified internal and external specialist architectural glass products for all types of applications including curved and toughened glass for balustrades, bay windows or flat laminated glass with cyclone, storm, high security/safety, bullet or blast resistant properties. Curved glass solutions from tight or small radius curves to large size windows (3900mm x 2440mm) can be supplied with ease.

Island Glass & Mirror understand that quality, performance, durability and safety standards are paramount to architects, designers, builders and owners, so we take a customised approach. We work with clients to confirm their needs and establish the appropriate glass solutions. Our complete turnkey service includes consultation, digital site measurement, CAD design, certification, manufacturing, installation and review audit.

  • Doors
  • Balustrading
  • Glass Floors
  • Spiral Staircase Balustrades
  • Lift Shafts
  • Shower Screens
  • Cabinets
  • Decorative Screens
  • Partitioning
  • Windows
  • Windbreaks
  • Balustrades
  • Pool Fences
  • Pool Windows
  • Barrel Vaults
  • Roof Lites
  • Revolving Doors

Architectural products are manufactured to AS/NZS 2208:2006 Safety Glass in Buildings. Storm Resistant products are tested and certified to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011, AS 4040.2 and AS 4040.3, along with other related industry applicable standards.

High Security, Ballistic and Blast resistant glass are manufactured, tested and certified to AS/NZS 2343, AS 3555.1, NIJ 0108.01.

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Need an innovative glass solution to realize your design?

Specifically designed to maximise the use of space and light without compromising on design, quality or safety, TemperShield Curved Toughened Glass is perfect for architects and designers for commercial and residential buildings to add some flair to their designs.

Need an glass solution create unique designs with durability and functionality?

VisionInk ushers in a new era of possibilities in designing with glass. Through our strategic partnership with Glasshape, ultra-durable ceramic inks that are indelibly bonded into the glass significantly extend the possibilities for this remarkable substrate. VisionInk can turn plain balustrading, partitioning or windows into stunning works of art, and offers a genuine alternative to building envelope applications. 

Need a trusted glass solution for cyclones and storms?

Specifically developed to resist excessive wind speeds and penetration from flying debris, StormShield is a certified debris impact resistant glass ideal for protecting your family, staff and property during cyclones and storms.

Need a glass solution for managing thermal performance in storms?

Specifically developed for thermal performance, energy efficiency and durability, Ezone Glass is engineered to perform in the most challenging storm conditions..

Need a quality glass solution for added security?

Specifically designed to provide additional safety for personnel and protect critical areas in buildings, houses, marine vessels and land transportation, ArmourShield slows down and restricts intruder entry.

Need a quality glass solution for protection against attack with fire-arms?

Specifically designed for use in areas of high risk or where the threat of fire-arms is prevalent, AmmoShield bullet resistant glass encapsulates exceedingly high velocity projectiles without allowing penetration through the panel.