Intruder Resistant Glass Solutions


Attack Resistant Glass

Specifically designed to provide additional safety for personnel and protect critical areas in buildings, houses, marine vessels and land transportation, ArmourShield slows down and restricts intruder entry.

Ideal for doors and windows that maintain the appearance of normal glass, ArmourShield is specially designed and constructed to remain resistant under attack. This attribute causes attack weapons to simply bounce off the ArmourShield window, making penetration all but impossible.

Even when broken, the tough inner-core of the thick poly-composite will lock the exterior attack resistant glass layers to enable greater attack resistance.

ArmourShield comes in a number of thicknesses geared to provide a variety of security levels, resulting in protection from physical attack from five to thirty minutes (as detailed under AS3555.1 level 2) when used in an approved framing system.

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  • Superior attack resistance compared to standard laminated glass. Resists intruder access from five to thirty minutes (as per AS 3555.1 Level 2)
  • Weapons simply bounce off due to its amazing elastic properties. Should the outer glass layer be broken the poly-composite panel maintains a level of structural integrity
  • Customised Certified Attack Resistant Glass tailored for your individual project
  • Worry free result with turnkey package from consultation through to installation available


  • Due to its glass poly-composite construction, the product is lightweight when compared to other glass products of the same thickness
  • Can be incorporated with tinted glass
  • Enhanced design options available
  • Certified where applicable