E-Zone Glass – Cyclone Resistant Glass


Need a thermal resistant glass Fiji Solution?

Specifically developed for thermal performance, energy efficiency and durability, E-zone Glass is engineered to perform in the most challenging storm conditions.

In the unlikely event the glass is damaged by flying storm debris, E-zone Glass remains weather-tight without tearing or breaching the window envelope.

The pyrolitic process used in the manufacture of E-zone Glass embeds invisible heat-reflective materials to the glass. This allows light to enter, but reflects much of the inbound heat, increasing comfort.

On top of this, E-zone Glass has been subjected to a series of Hydrostatic pressure tests taking cyclone resistant glass to a completely new level, setting yet another benchmark as an industry leader. E-zone Glass is not only serious protection from wind and storm damage but is also flood resistant.

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  • Decreased solar heat gain providing a cooler environment for improved working conditions and comfort levels
  • Retains high levels of visual light transmission
  • Can reduce HVAC requirements with positive impact on systems size requirements for cooling and heating
  • No need for secondary protection such as storm shutters or screens, allowing excellent clear vision
  • Protects your family, staff and property from cyclone and hurricane winds and debris penetration
  • Customised solution with certified glass tailored for your individual project


  • Grade A Safety Glass conforming to all Human Impact Safety requirements
  • Available in many types of high performance Low E glass and tints to enhance thermal and solar performance characteristics
  • Available cut to size or in stock sheets
  • Range of thicknesses available enabling full compliance with wind loadings and deflection standards as in AS1288 glass selection and installation, regardless of window size