The International School – Suva

Cyclone windows fitted with StormShield to provide peace of mind

International School Suva, located on the outskirts of Fiji’s capital is an independent co-ed day school home to hundreds of students from Primary through to High School age groups representing more than 40 nationalities. As a critical educational facility, cyclone windows with debris impact resistant StormShield help ensure that the campus is back up and running swiftly after an extreme weather event.

StormShield Gen II glass provides significant protection from flying debris during a cyclone. Even a direct hit to the glass has a comprehensively reduced chance of penetrating the building envelope, meaning anything or anyone inside is well protected.

Should any one of the cyclone windows suffer damage during a storm, replacement glass can very swiftly be cut to size and installed, as StormShield is an annealed glass product with superior laminating technology.