Cyclonic Glazing – Nadi International Airport

Cyclonic glazing featuring StormShield for essential public facilities

Nadi airport in Fiji is the main gateway to this Pacific Island nation. It accommodates some two million passengers annually with the airport’s owners – the government of Fiji – having high expectations for the performance of this facility both in terms of operational standards and customer enjoyment meaning cyclonic glazing is essential.

Space and light have been very important in the redevelopment of the airport, but the overriding concern was ensuring safety and building endurance during extreme weather events. Fiji on average will have at least one Tropical Cyclone a year to contend with, and in the 2015/16 season there were no less than four.

The centerpiece of the design is a giant glass pyramid in the main arrivals hall. This together with all the other external glass elements of the building feature the StormShield brand. There are a lot of large windows in exposed places so light floods the interior. In the event of a cyclone though, those inside the building are protected, and crucially, the facility can rapidly return to service following the storm as the cyclonic glazing will have held firm minimising damage and disruption.

The new arrivals hall shown in the artists impression in the gallery features large windows that will be glazed with StormShield Gen II glass providing outstanding protection from wind-borne debris and rain during a cyclone.