Cyclonic Windows – Private Residence, Denarau

Cyclonic windows with StormShield glass protect private residences

Denarau Island is home to hundreds of spectacular private high end homes, constructed in such a was as to maximise stunning views across the harbour and out across the Pacific Ocean. Cyclonic windows with StormShield glass mean that larger windows than would otherwise have been possible can be designed, extending the views even further with unobstructed visibility.

Furthermore, the presence of cyclonic windows with StormShield means that temporary storm covers do not need to be put in place when a cyclone hits. Occupants of the dwelling can remain inside observing the storm raging outside, safe in the knowledge that flying debris has a significantly reduced chance of penetrating the building envelope and causing damage.

This private residence in Denarau features a range of window and door sizes, all of which have been glazed with the appropriately rated StormShield product. Multiple thicknesses mean small, medium and large openings can all be designed and glazed with the perfect rated glass component.