StormShield Cyclone Glass Solutions

The thinnest, lightest & strongest cyclone rated glass in most common framing systems

Specifically developed to resist excessive wind speeds and penetration from flying debris, StormShield is a certified debris impact resistant glass ideal for protecting your family, staff and property during cyclones.

Superior Laminating Technology in the specially formulated ultra-high grade laminate used in the manufacturing process, is engineered for the glass to expand and contract up to five times its normal rate before breaking.

In the unlikely event the glass is damaged by flying storm debris, StormShield remains weather-tight without tearing or breaching the window envelope.

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  • Protects family, staff and property from cyclone and debris penetration
  • Proven to withstand extreme test pressures of more than 12kPa, which equates to wind gusts in excess of 500km/h (10mm StormShield)
  • No need for secondary protection such as storm shutters, thus allowing excellent clear vision
  • No lamination perforation; resisted impact from 4kg piece of timber 100 x 50mm at over 44mtr/sec (160km/h) travelling length ways with no perforation
  • Fully certified for use in Fiji


  • Grade A Safety Glass conforming to all Human Impact Safety requirements
  • Available in many types of high performance thermal energy Low E glass and tints to enhance performance characteristics
  • May be cut to size or in stock sheets
  • Range of thicknesses available enabling full compliance with wind loadings and deflection standards as in AS1288 glass selection and installation, regardless of window size
  • Tested and evaluated by independent NATA certified facilities showing a successful resistance without perforation* for both large and small debris impact demonstrating compliance to the AS/NZS 1170.2 2011 code and being fit for purpose.
  • *Tested as a system, both StormShield® and the glazing frame including fixture to the subframes and building structures.

View our StormShield Case Study video.