Bullet Resistant Glass Solutions


Bullet Resistant Glass: ultra high grade security laminate for definitive protection from ballistic weapons

Specifically designed for use in areas of high risk or where the threat of fire-arms is prevalent, AmmoShield bullet resistant glass encapsulates exceedingly high velocity projectiles without allowing penetration through the panel.

AmmoShield is a special glass and poly-composite panel, custom-constructed to meet clients specified level of protection. Levels of protection include gun-fire, bomb-blast and physical attack with tools and equipment. Although AmmoShield can be configured to meet ballistic and blast attack, not all configurations are designed to withstand physical intruder attack.

AmmoShield is typically used in windscreens, windows, doors, safe-room doors, port-holes, hull windows, master state-rooms and where personal and property protection is paramount.

Designed to function as a system, AmmoShield must be supplied and fitted in an approved ballistic frame appropriately installed to meet standards and attack levels stated requirements.

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  • Protected from blast and ballistic attacks depending on level (gun-fire, bomb-blast and physical attack with tools and equipment)
  • Customised Certified Bullet Resistant Glass tailored for your project
  • Lightweight in comparison to all similar glass type alternatives due to glass–poly composition
  • Enhanced design options available 
  • Worry free result with turnkey package from consultation through to installation available


  • Tested and Certified to meet various levels of protection AS/NZS 2343 ballistic to level G0, G1 and G2 as well as R1 and R2
  • Can be incorporated with tinted glass
  • Can be configured to meet IACS requirements for marine applications
  • Certified where applicable