Premium Bent & Flat Tempered (Toughened) Glass


Toughened Curved Glass Solutions

Specifically designed to maximise the use of space and light without compromising on design, quality or safety, TemperShield toughened curved glass is perfect for architects and designers for commercial and residential buildings, and houses.

Through our proud partnership with Glasshape we can offer their iconic TemperShield brand of premium toughened glass, curved to almost any specification. 

Ideal for feature balustrading, spiral staircases, lift shafts, shower screens, curved doors, decorative screens, cabinets and counter tops. With TemperShield, the design possibilities are practically endless.

TemperShield′s structural strength enables large areas to be spanned with the use of minimal framework. The Glasshape manufacturing process means two and three dimensional custom glass shapes and curves can be produced to meet your design and performance requirements.

From design stage to completion, using our sophisticated laser measuring and CAD capabilities, we will turn your designs into exceptional glass realities. TemperShield Curved Glass is tailored to suit your project and design.

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  • Opens up design possibilities
  • Maximises the use of space and light without compromising on design, quality or safety
  • Ideal for open and frameless mounting methods
  • Customised shaped monolithic glass tailored for your individual project
  • Available in large panels to enhance your project design whilst improving functionality
  • Worry free turnkey package from consultation through to manufacture and supply


  • Can be produced in variety of thicknesses, in countless shapes, curved and flat
  • Two and three dimensional custom glass shapes and curved designs can be manufactured
  • Ability to curve glass to uneven radii
  • Marine certified where applicable

TemperShield curved glass can be used for internal partitioning, stair and atrium balustrades, skylights, frameless doors to name just a few of its applications.

The use of curved glass in offices, restaurants, shops and malls can help to create lighter, more open and flowing spaces while creating an attention grabbing architectural highlight.

Glass partitioning has long been used to create open and light working environments.

TemperShield curved glass provides a distinctive architectural feature, and enhances the sense of openness and space. In addition, it ensures the circulation areas flow seamlessly further enhancing the office space.

When a site boasts million dollar views it is worth using curved glass balustrading to make the most of the scenery. Imagine curved glass balustrading that doesn‘t restrict views around decks and spiral stairways, both with less joins than has been previously possible!

On a list of architectural features that convey opulence and grandeur, a majestic sweeping staircase would be near the top. Many a dramatic movie entrance or exit has been made on one. The use of frameless curved toughened glass on spiral stair balustrades, make a design statement with a modern take that emphasises the curve and creates a feeling of spacious excellence. A traditional balustrade can obscure the detail, whereas curved toughened glass creates a balustrade that includes the requisite safety provisions while enhancing the overall design scheme.

Glass windows make a stylish addition to any pool. With TemperShield the effect of the pool windows can be taken to a new dimension with curved glass allowing you to create a truly unique feature in your pool design.

Why have a majestic private pool boasting priceless coastal views, hidden by an ugly high pool fence? When a site boasts million dollar views it is worth taking time to find a product that makes a statement of the scenery.

Curved glass bay windows can add flair to the facade of contemporary dwellings. Bending the glass allows projects to break the mould and use long, swooping lines for distinctive designs.

Waterside homes use fluid shapes to create architectural highlights such as curved bay windows. The generous expanse of glass in a curved glass bay window, allows the homeowners to enjoy 180 degree views. Curved and Bent glass windows, enhances the feeling of spaciousness while letting in plenty of light.

Our laminated safety glass is ideal for lift shafts and lift cars. This can result in a stunning showpiece with incredible aesthetic appeal instead of a traditional steel box. Your lift car and lift shaft can be transformed into the focal point of your property instead of just a method of moving from floor to floor.

Our curved toughened glass shower doors and screens combine style with safety. TemperShield Toughened Bent Glass shower doors can be custom made to your application to offer the ultimate in good looks, strength, durability and safety.